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Toplighting: Custom Lighting Solutions for Every Space

Welcome to Toplighting, your premium destination for high quality lighting fixtures and custom lighting solutions. At Toplighting, our passion for light is reflected in every product we offer and in our dedicated service. We pride ourselves on an extensive portfolio of innovative and stylish products designed to transform any space into a masterpiece of design and functionality.

Our History

Toplighting started its lighting business in 2014 with the aim of redefining standards in the sector. Although we officially opened the company in 2014, our experience and knowledge gained over the years has allowed us to quickly bring about a significant change in the market.

The company’s founders originally worked at a leading lighting company, where they gained extensive experience and a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences. This time was instrumental in developing our vision of bringing light and beauty to every home and workspace. After establishing the company, we soon gained recognition for the quality and innovation of our products, collaborating with leading designers and renowned architects. This rapid evolution has made us a market leader, recognized for excellence and creativity.

Our Experience and Know-How: Advantages of Working with Toplighting

With over a decade of experience in the lighting industry, Toplighting offers a unique and in-depth know-how that is reflected in every product and service we provide. This expertise allows us to fully understand our customers’ needs and preferences, providing custom solutions that combine functionality with aesthetics.

Working with Toplighting means significant benefits:

  • Quality and Innovation: Our products are known for durability and innovative design.
  • Technical Expertise: We have a team of specialists who ensure the implementation of the most advanced technologies in each project.
  • Reputed Collaborations: Our partnerships with leading designers and architects guarantee high-class lighting solutions tailored to each individual project.

Toplighting is dedicated not only to illuminating spaces, but to creating visual experiences that transform and inspire. By choosing us as your partner, you’ll benefit from a passionate team dedicated to lighting excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide lighting solutions that not only illuminate, but inspire. At Toplighting, we believe that the right lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a space, positively influencing mood and productivity. We are committed to bringing to market the highest quality products with innovative design and outstanding performance to meet the diverse needs and tastes of our customers. We strive to be a trusted partner to all our customers, offering customised solutions that reflect each customer’s personality and style.

Our Core Values

At Toplighting, our core values are innovation, quality and customer satisfaction:

  • Innovation: It motivates us to always explore new ideas and technologies to bring revolutionary products to market. We believe in the power of lighting to transform and improve people’s lives, which is why we constantly invest in research and development.
  • Quality: This is our top priority. Every product undergoes rigorous performance and durability testing, ensuring we offer only the best lighting solutions.
  • Customer satisfaction: It is the measure of our success. We are fully committed to providing personalized advice and dedicated support, ensuring that each client finds the perfect solution for their specific needs.

Our Products

Our product range includes luminaires for all types of spaces, from private residences and offices to commercial and public spaces. Each Toplighting product is created with attention to detail and using the highest quality materials. We offer:

  • Chandeliers and chandeliers: Pieces de resistance that add elegance and sophistication to any interior.
  • Wall lamps and wall lights: Versatile and functional solutions, perfect for ambient lighting.
  • Desk and floor lamps: Modern and ergonomic designs for increased comfort in use.
  • Outdoor lighting: Durable and efficient products designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions.

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Connected Services

In addition to our high-quality lighting products, we also offer a wide range of related services designed to ensure a complete and satisfying experience:

  • Design consultation: Our team of lighting experts can help you create a custom lighting plan specifically tailored to your needs and preferences. Whether you want to light a residential, commercial or public space, we offer creative and effective solutions.
  • After-sales services: We are committed to providing continuous support to our customers through quality after-sales services. Our team is available for product maintenance and repair, ensuring your products will perform flawlessly for the long term.
  • Product customization: If you have specific requirements for your project, we offer customization options for many of our products. From design tweaks to technical specifications, we make sure the final product meets your exact expectations.

Why Choose Toplighting

Working with Toplighting means more than just buying light fittings. It means choosing a partner dedicated to excellence and innovation. Here are a few reasons why our customers consistently choose us:

  • Expertise and experience: With almost two decades of experience in the field, we are able to offer solutions tailored to every type of space and aesthetic preference.
  • Guaranteed quality: Each product is created with the best materials and the most advanced technologies.
  • Customized services: We offer consultancy and customized solutions, from initial concept to final implementation.
  • Continuous innovation: We strive to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in lighting.

A brief final note

At Toplighting, we’re dedicated to bringing light into your life in a way that combines functionality with aesthetics. We invite you to discover our diverse range of products and experience the difference quality lighting can make in any space. Choose Toplighting for an exceptional lighting experience and transform every corner of your home or office into a bright and inspiring space.

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