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Design and Projects

We know that each project is unique and that is why we will help you with personalized solutions for each situation. We offer the best solutions tailored to each project so that the luminaires offered by us are perfectly framed in the ambient design to provide perfect illumination.

Consultancy and Installation

Every customer is important and we offer our customers quality products accompanied by certificates of authenticity and warranty certificates. We also offer specialized consulting services to meet the needs of our customers, and we can arrange them with our authorized partners.

Refurbishing Services

We offer refurbishing services for chandeliers that have lost their former shine. We fill the crystals, replace the electrical system and refresh the chandeliers to bring back the value and glow of their glory days.

Rental Services

Do you have an event that you want to be impeccably decorated? Want to take a shot of a sumptuous interior?
No matter what your need is, we can help. We rent chandeliers for social events, filming, television shows and other occasions to give you the glamor you need for any kind of situation.

Helix3 Overview

The Helix Framework is one of the best light and feature rich responsive framework for Joomla templating. It is so easy to develop and control of Joomla templates for you and your clients. Helix framework will make your experience of creating website much smoother than ever before.

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About Us

We are Top Lighting Design and with us, your office, your home, your business will become a dream place, a place where you can fully find yourself, a bright and bright dream.

In search of your dream, Monica and Bogdan will accompany you who have brought all their experience for over 15 years in the field of lighting accessories and decorations. Whether you want interior design, exterior fitting, your home arrangement, we are right from the beginning to the end with a whole architectural concept, so that your dream is perfectly contoured and enlightened.

Our architects and interior design specialists will be there for you to have the peace of mind that the image of your dream will surely reach perfection with specialists.

About Us

Are you ready to decorate your house?


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